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Shimano MT520 4 Piston Disc Brakeset -Lots of Power - Front & Rear ($260 MSRP)

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Shimano MT520 4 Piston Hydraulic Mountain Bike Disc Brake Set
BR-MT520, BL-MT501
Includes Complete Front & Rear Brakes
$260 Manufacturer's Suggested Retail Price
New - in OEM Packaging

If you want the best brake for your buck, look no further than these 4 piston brakes. These are the unsung, heavy hitter of the brake world. They are strong. They are reliable. They are an excellent value at 260 bucks. Here at BuyCycleStuffOnline, they are a fraction of that. Don't pay more for 2 piston brakes when you can grab a handful (or just a finger) of 4 piston power for less. 

These brakes are brand new and have never been mounted on a bicycle. They are part of a bulk order (OEM) from Shimano so there is no retail box. You get everything pictured plus an owner's manual. 

EBike compatible. Enduro compatible. A great choice for your cross-country and trail bike.

These brakes are pre-bled. Brake pads included. Includes 1 extra insert and 2 extra olives if you need to route or trim your brake hoses. 

Tech note: These brakes have handlebar clamps. They are compatible with shifters and dropper post remotes that mount directly to the handlebars. 

BR-MT520 4 piston calipers
BL-MT501 brake levers with reach adjust
Handlebar clamp mount
100mm front brake hose length
170mm rear brake hose length
Pre-bled and ready to install
316 grams rear brake as pictured
296 grams front brake as pictured
Includes: front brake, rear brake, 4x caliper mounting bolts, 2x olives, 1x insert, hose cutting guide, bleeding spacer, 2x lock snap rings
Pro tip: Bed before you shred. Do some slow stops on a flat surface right after installing to bed the brake pads and rotors. 

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